Transmission Flush


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At Auto Tech Clinic we use state of the art equipment. We will safely remove harmful sludge and varnish deposits as well as the contaminated fluid from your transmission, replacing the old fluid with new OEM quality automatic trans fluid.

Your automatic transmission fluid should be checked every 3,000 miles for fluid level, odor and color.

Fluid level, odor and color in most cases are indications of leaks, malfunctions and/or excessive heat due to improper use such as exceeding the manufactures weight limits.

Transmission fluid, like the oil in your engine, is subjected to extreme conditions of heat and pressure, making it necessary to replace it at the proper intervals as stated by the manufacturer. By changing your transmission fluid at these intervals, you will greatly increase the life expectancy of your transmission.


As the clutch plate wears on your vehicle, you may notice a change in your clutch pedal height and a need to press farther down on your clutch pedal to engage your transmission. This is a normal occurrence, and quite often, minor adjustments can be made to correct this problem, extending the life of your clutch.

We will perform a free no obligation inspection of your clutch, clutch linkage, and clutch hydraulics. We will determine if your clutch needs adjustment or replacement, and the inspection only takes about 20 min.

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